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"Portraits of America"

October 11, 2015


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Concert Performance excerpts:

  • Seventy-Six Trombones
  • La Peri
  • Schindler's List (John Shepherd, saxophone soloist)
  • The Wizard of Oz​
  • St. Louis Blues March (arrangement by Edward Madden)
  • Stars and Stripes Forever (Kirsten Gilbert , piccolo soloist)

  • Opening Announcement0:04
  • Seventy Six Trombones (encore)0:30
  • La Peri0:31
  • Theme from "Schindler's List"0:30
  • Selections from "The Wizard of Oz"0:30
  • St Louis Blues March sample0:29
  • Stars and Stripes Forever0:30

The Scottsdale Concert Band    
Michele Kalo, Music Director

Welcome to Our 38th Season!